Ava Bowers – Class of 2020 – #23

Name: Ava Bowers
Graduation Year: 2020
Player # for Festival: 23
Email: agbowers20@chaminet.org
School: Chaminade College Preparatory High School
GPA: 4.71
Any Honors or AP Classes:
2016-2017: Honors Biology and Honors Literature and Composition
2017-2018: Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, Honors American Literature, Honors Spanish
III and AP Capstone
Field Hockey Experience:
2016: Futures U14 Region 11 Selection
High School Varsity Freshman (Starter)
Played in Cal Cup
Attended Division 1 Summer Camp Programs
2017: Futures U16 Region 11
High School Varsity Sophomore (Starter)
Played in Cal Cup
Stanford 7v7 Tournament U16 Champion
Stanford 5v5 Tournament U16 Champion
Cal Berkley 6v6 tournament
UC Davis 7v7 tournament Finalist for U16
2016 College Connections Field Hockey Program
Attended Division 1 Summer Camp Programs
Academic Awards/Achievements:
Highest Honors (6 th Grade- Present)
Scholar Athlete (6 th Grade- Present)
Competitive Club Soccer since 2007
Chaminade Soccer Program
Chaminade Student Leadership
Chaminade Ambassador Program
Coach Contact Information:
Taylor Swezey
215-518- 105

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