Hockey in CA

If you are new to field hockey in LA, the information below should help you navigate your way through the sport.
If you know of other opportunities available within a few hours of LA, please email us at We would be more than happy to add the info below!
Riptide runs individuals, training sessions, and scrimmages in Culver City and Studio City. We are considered the most local option, but there are a lot more opportunities in the Moorpark area.

Bulldogs: Fall, Winter, Spring in Moorpark + travel tournaments. All age groups

Contact: Christine, 

About: The Bulldogs are a club based out of Moorpark, and they are a GREAT option for more playing opportunities. All practices are held at Moorpark College, and they travel to tournaments in CA and FL. If you are interested in hearing more, please email Christine (contact info above) asking to be added to her contact list!

More info: They will have a fall season at Moorpark and will continue practices through the fall and winter, and start traveling in January (Disney Sunshine Showcase), then a CCL tourney (11v11) at Davis in February.  This will be followed by CAL, Davis, and Stanford 6s tournaments in March and April.  They may set up some travel friendlies with HTC (In Moorpark and Chula Vista). 

The Bulldogs partake in a league in Moorpark, SoCal Field Hockey. Here is information for the league and other clubs. 

USA Field Hockey/NEXUS. Winter into Spring in Moorpark. Saturday or Sunday, TBD. U12, U14, 16, U19

About: NEXUS/Futures is a USA Field hockey program. Nexus is an evolution of USA Field Hockey’s former Futures program, open to boys and girls ages 11 to 19 who are committed to their development and serious about improving their understanding of the game and working on individual and team skills and tactics See Region 11 website for more in-depth information. Sign-ups are not available yet, but I will send information as soon as this is announced!

VCRD: Most likely Fall, Winter, and Spring in Moorpark, dates TBD. 


About: Paul Singh runs this program. The program is AWESOME and he is a fantastic coach. Please email him directly if you want him to add you to his contact list!

If you have any questions, please contact each opportunity directly!

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