Hockey in LA

If you are new to field hockey in LA, the information below should help you navigate your way through the sport. We run a lot of individuals and small group training sessions in Santa Monica, Van Nuys, and Westwood, but games and league are always in Moorpark.
Club – Winter is the quiet time for club, except for our U19 indoor team. This is the time when players usually schedule small group training sessions or individuals. We have a few coaches that run individuals for goalies and field players. Spring season for our U12, U14, U16, and U19 usually starts mid February and all games are played up in Moorpark on Saturdays. The Field Hockey Federation ( will update their website in January to let us know when the start date is.

Futures – Futures is 7 sessions and there are two locations – Moorpark and Huntington Beach. All Futures info (and session dates) are in this link:

Moorpark Location

Huntington Beach Location

You can register for a Futures tryout using this link. Once you register, you can email us at, and I will send USAFH the player recommendation.

Spring 6v6 tournaments – Cal, Stanford, and UC Davis have one day 6v6 tournaments in the spring. Cal is March 14th, 2020 UC Davis is April 4th, 2020, and Stanford is April 18th, 2020. These are small sided games and every player will get a lot of touches on the ball. These tournaments are a lot of games for one day, but very helpful for their skills and well worth it!
Important Dates in the Spring: Saturday mornings in Moorpark for club games (starting mid Feb), 7 Futures Sessions (in the USAFH link above), VCRD sessions (info below), March 14th, April 4th, and April 18th for the spring tournaments.
Important Sites: – the league that our club plays in the fall and spring. They post about other events up in Moorpark too!
VCRD – – this is extra training up at Moorpark. Shawn Nakamura is the head. Take a look at their site, and if Peyton can make any of the training sessions, you should reach out to him!
If you are interested in joining us or if you have any questions, please email us at!


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