Nicole Gotthardt – Class of 2020 – #12

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Name: Nicole Gotthardt 

Birthdate: October 19, 2001

School: Chaminade College Preparatory High School

Year of Graduation: 2020

Field Hockey Achievements:

9th grade– field hockey, starting midfield on Varsity, most valuable offensive player, starting midfield on JV soccer

10th grade– field hockey, staring midfield on Varsity, most valuable offensive player, soccer starting midfield/forward on varsity soccer  

(Team Achievements): Moorpark League (FHF)

2016– West Coast Eagles (U16)

Starting midfield

2017– Bulldogs (U18)

Starting midfield

Jolie Pitts (D1W)

Starting forward

2018– Bulldogs (U18)

Starting midfield

Jolie Pitts (D1W)

Staring forward

2018 fall- Bulldogs boys (U17), champions, Jolie Pitts (D1W), champions


Tournaments and Clinics attended:

Futures (Region 11 Site Moorpark) (2016-2018)

Nationals U16 (2017)

Nationals U19 (2018)

Berkeley Spring Clinic (2017-2018)

Berkeley Summer Camp (2017)

California Cup (2016-2018)

Christmas Classic Tournament (2016)

Festival (2016-2017)

Future College Athlete (2016-2017)

Nationals Training Camp (2017-2018)

Stanford Winter Clinic (2017-2018)

Stanford Spring Clinic (2016-2017)

Stanford Summer Camp (2015-2017)

Super Sixty (2018)

VCRD (2016-2018)

Winter Super Sixty (2018)

Yale Summer Camp (2018)

Columbia Summer Camp (2018)

Northwestern Summer Camp (2018)

Georgetown Summer Camp (2018)


Academic Achievements:

Highest Honors  (2013-2015)

Laureate Honors (2016-2018)

9th grade Excellence in English (2017)


Player Contact Information: email: phone: 818-517-4008

Coach Contact Information

Shawn Nakamura:, Tiffany Huisman phone- +1 503 574 9041


11th grade GPA (weighted) 4.71 (unweighted) 4.0

Highlight Tapes:

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