Sophia Kane – Class of 2023 – #33

Sophia Kane

Class of 2023

Field Hockey Achievements:

Acceptation to Futures (2nd year)

Team Achievements:

1st Place U12 Spring 2016

1st Place U12 and U14 Spring 2017

2nd Place U14 Fall 2017


Cal Cup for 3 years

Cal Tournament 2 years

VCRD 3 years

Futures (2nd year approaching)

Hockey Camp at Moorpark College led by players from the Netherlands National Team

Academic Achievements:

All Honors (7th and 8th grade)

Accepted into the leadership program at school all three years

Received awards at the end of the year awards night in 6th and 7th grade (currently in 8th grade)

English projects at school published into a literacy magazine all three years of middle school (Rosette Gazette)

Other Athletic Achievements:

Honor role for mile, pacer, pushups, sit ups, 50 yard dash at school


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