Recruitment Services

The recruiting process can be stressful and overwhelming, so we are here to help! We provide complimentary recruiting services to our club members only. We will guide you through every step of the way by helping you communicate with coaches, creating profile pages, and finding the right schools for you. We will also hold recruiting strategy meetings for our teams before big tournaments. Recruiting videos will be an extra charge. More information below.
Leading up to certain events, Coach Swezey will be reaching out to college coaches on your behalf in accordance with the NCAA Compliance rules as they do not allow college coaches to communicate with players until September 1st of their Junior year.
  • Profile Page
  • Email Communication
  • Strategy Meetings

Recruiting Videos

Recruiting videos have become incredibly important to college coaches, especially for players coming from the west coast. If you are interested in playing at the college level, you will need at least one recruiting video.

Each video will have a skills session plus game footage:

Skills session: $50 for one hour session

1 game ($60 per game)+ hour skill session for the video: $110

2 games ($55 per game) + hour skill session for the video: $160

3 games ($50 per game) + hour skill session for the video: $200

We would like to keep it at a three game maximum so that the player has enough footage for a follow up video. If you would like to have more than three games in one recruiting video, we can discuss that separately.

Email to get your recruiting video started!

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